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March 14, 2008

SaleHoo - Ebay Sourcing Community And Directory

One of the hardest parts of running a successful eBay selling business is finding reliable wholesale suppliers. At a glance, it seems that there are an abundance of suppliers and dropshippers, but many information sources are out-of-date and a majority of suppliers don't want to deal with small, home-based businesses. Beginning eBay sellers can often save a lot of time and money by choosing the right dropshipper and wholesaler directory.

But before you consider joining a wholesale directory, you need to make sure that the list is frequently updated. And it's also important to be sure that the suppliers offered are the type will deal with home businesses placing small orders.

SaleHoo is a popular global sourcing community and directory. Their services include:

  • A global directory of manufacturers, wholesalers and drop shippers
  • Quality information, often screened and updated
  • Support when you need it from the customer service team
  • A huge community of over 40,000 registered users with an active and informative forum
  • Inside SaleHoo, you'll find a solid directory of suppliers - plus you'll have an opportunity to educate yourself at the learning and training center, get help with research about a potential market and best of all, participate in the strong online community.

    Sure, it's possible to find suppliers elsewhere online and to get information from various places - but it can take forever and you can run into many defunct or unreliable sources. SaleHoo's experienced sellers and staff can answer your questions and give you feedback on a company before you decide to invest in ordering from them. If you are just getting started in the online auction business or you want to ramp up your supply network, SaleHoo is worth checking out.


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    December 17, 2007

    Ebay Shopping-Shopping With Difference

    For shopping lovers, eBay shopping would be a different experience. You may shop anything you want to at eBay, right from dolls to technology and electronic items like mobile phones. eBay offers different deals and offers to attract you to the all-in-all virtual & largest market online.


    In order to take advantage of eBay shopping offers, register and get started. You can search for used apparels or automobiles or jewelry sets or anything you wish to buy, on eBay.


    eBay shopping arena is slowly expanding & it has acquired another shopping site, Inc. However, it is not sure to what extent the acquisition is. You can find few listings even on the acquired company’s website after the deal is completed. This will open wide area for the eBay sellers’ who can even attract the users, and vice versa.


    With eBay online shopping, you have lot of advantages, which are worth mentioning. You need not get your apparels at one place and beauty products at another place. You can buy almost all the products under the same roof. This saves your time and energy. You need not search for parking space to park your vehicle or wait for the salesman to attend you.


    Not only this, you get the chance of creating your own page at eBay by clicking eBay My World option. You can include your favorite searches and the list of sellers in your page. It is not tough at all. Click Add Content button to do this.


    You can customize the page according to your taste, personalize it by telling something about you, your likes, what you sell or buy at eBay and anything you wish to say. The best part is you can share this page with everyone and connect others in the eBay community. If you don’t want, you can make it private also.


    eBay Express is another eBay shopping arena, wherein you can make the lists of your wishes. It can be the list for your birthday party articles, or just a list of holiday shopping or list of what you or your near & dear like. You can save them with eBay Express.


    You would be glad to know that you can save several, you would like to without deleting or overwriting the existing ones. If you wish to show off your lists to others and get their appreciation, use the Public option. They can search your lists using your name or screen id. However, if you feel that you don’t want anyone to see that, you can make it private.


    With eBay, even men would not mind their wives shopping, as eBay saves both time & money.


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    December 7, 2007

    How To Use eBay Selling Tool For Your Business

    To prosper in eBay home business, you should create listings that look professional and keep track of accounting and sales. For this purpose, you can use the eBay selling tools, which help both the experienced and the newbie sellers. Few selling tools are free and few are available to the users depending on their subscription.


    eBay Selling Tool #1:


    eBay Stores can be used by eBay users to experience convenient & speedy sales. You can even customize by adding your logo, brand image, and display the items you normally sell on the eBay storefront to get reliability. If you are interested & serious eBay seller, then eBay store is very essential selling tool.


    eBay Selling Tool #2:


    eBay Express helps you add more value to your eBay business. You should have just positive feedbacks & ratings from sellers and buyers, to list your products at eBay Express. You can list them as Buy Now Items and thereby, encourage the buyers that are normally just watch & go kind of customers.


    eBay Selling Tool #3:


    You should keep a track on the profits and the sales reports at eBay using eBay Sales Reports. This should help you understanding the product that is performing & the one that is non-performing. You can buy more such products & leave the ones that are non-sellers, thereby making changes to your business strategy.


    eBay Selling Tool #4:


    Mpire Plugin is another such selling tool that searches for prices of a product over the important websites like Walmart, Office Depot, Amazon, eBay, Craiglist, and so on. The prices can be analyzed so that you can buy from those websites.


    eBay Selling Tool #5:


    Another free download tool is eBay Turbo Lister. You can preview and list any number of items you want to sell. You can append the existing template of listing or create new one. Selling Manager manages your entire sales and related areas. You can send buyer feedback, print labels and invoices, document the sales, and so on using this selling tool. You may be a small-scale or medium scale business person; this would give you a very big help. This would also help you determine if you had loss or gain in your business. You can increase the efficiency in selling and reduce your burden in listing your products.


    With all these eBay selling tools or with any of the eBay selling tool, you are sure to see large-scale sales of your products and in the positive trend. Download the free tool to enjoy the benefits, now!




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    December 3, 2007

    Ebay Selling-Few Important Tips To Become Successful

    If you are a businessman, who would like to make money without straining yourself much, then you can adopt eBay selling. Moreover, if you would like to check the market of any new product, eBay is the right place to do it. The advantage of using eBay is that you can do eCommerce business without wasting money by embedding eCommerce in your own website.


    You can successfully start your business and become eBay PowerSeller by following the seven eBay selling tips. The tips are:


    1. Introduce a picture of your product: Though it is old saying that a picture is worth 1000 words or picture is mightier than words, it is a fact that people would like to see the products before buying them. Therefore, it is important to display good quality photographs of the products you sell.


    1. Research on eBay: It is always good to research the market of your product by checking out the market & bidding procedure of other similar products on eBay, prior to displaying your product.


    1. Knowledge on Shipping: There are different ways to ship the product to the buyer. One can be better than the other. As the shipping process would be under your control, you can find the reliable and possible one that would not cost you or the buyer too much. Then remember to include the shipping method in eBay listing.


    1. Importance of product description: As you give importance to picture, you should also give importance to the description of your product. You should be able to write catchy description with strong keywords that are easily available to the search engine.


    1. Options for payment: You should be able to accept all the possible payment modes for selling your products easily on eBay. This will attract lot of bidders and make your business click on eBay.


    1. Good rating: For effective eBay selling, make sure to get good feedback rating as a buyer. Good and track record should be consistently maintained to prosper to become a PowerSeller at eBay. Therefore, it is better to display low-priced products until you are successful.


    1. Professionalism & business-like: eBay selling is similar to other businesses. In order to achieve success at eBay, you need to provide good customer service after sales. Good customer satisfaction will surely convert into business.


    If you are doing a small business, and know that your customer-base will be small, you need to study about your customers’ more closely so that you can devise appropriate methods or studies to successfully capture the target market. Moreover, you should understand the reasons for purchasing your product. These eBay selling tips will surely ensure your success at eBay as a businessman.


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    November 26, 2007

    Ebay Motor – An Apt Place for Buying Motor

    Are you looking for motors at eBay? Yes, you have come to the appropriate place. For purchasing cars & trucks or motorcycles or power sports or boats or other vehicles like aircrafts, buses, commercial trucks, and so on or even their parts & accessories, eBay Motor section is the correct place.


    Prior to bidding, you can check the feedbacks obtained by the seller through the transactions in the past. It is recommended to buy from a seller with good feedback. If you don’t give much importance to the eBay review feedbacks, you may end up dealing with a wrong person.


    You would be amazed to know that over 1000000 shoppers visit eBay Motors monthly. Moreover, for every minute a vehicle is sold, and every two seconds, an accessory or a part are sold on average.


    The next important point to remember while purchasing a vehicle is inspection & history reports of the vehicle and insurance quotes & financing on the vehicle, along with free auto shipper quotes.


    Buying motors from eBay is a simple task and has more advantages. You need not wait till the end of the auction to buy any item you liked. You can buy it at anytime during the auction.


    Placing bid is real fun here. You can set the maximum amount of money you may want to spend on the motor you like to buy. eBay takes care of the bidding part starting from low up to the maximum level you set. Through this type of bidding, you may sometimes get an eBay motor within the limit you set.


    After winning the bid on an eBay motor, it is your turn to pay the seller. Use you PayPal account to pay the seller. You would be happy to learn that eBay protects almost all the parts and vehicles. You get protection till $20000 on qualified passenger vehicle purchases and till $1000 on Accessories & Parts purchase.


    Sometimes, you would receive offers and relevant emails. Few of them feature slideshows of the motors available on auction. When you click on this, you will be able to visit a genuine website; however, according to Symantec, a Trojan sits in your system without your knowledge. This Trojan, Trojan.Bayrob might display false and made up review and rating of the seller, and even when you win the auction, you would get duped of your money and not get anything in return.


    Now, are you scared to purchase through eBay? Absolutely, there is no need for that. Some emails are not genuinely from eBay but fake sellers, who target the genuine buyers.


    In order to save yourself from being duped, just avoid clicking the links or attachments of the auction mails.



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    November 25, 2007

    How To Make Money Selling At eBay

    Most of you search for the perfect way to work from home. Flexible hours and full profit straight into your own pocket makes this, an attractive prospect.

    Selling on eBay allows this and also to create your own wealth. With eBay make money selling or retailing anything from clothing, jewelry to wholesale marked up items, means that more money is yours for the taking.

    Keep an eye out for items marked down or on sale wherever you shop. These can often be resold at a profit. Register as a seller in a matter of moments, and begin making money selling on Ebay.

    Creations of your own design can also be profitable when you sell them through the auction site. It may be something you have always wanted to do. Create designer furniture items, craft or use drop-shipping from wholesalers to maximize profits selling on ebay.

    Research and learn the art of listing to best promote your product so that you draw in the most bidders at auction. Using photos and providing a thorough description can have a great effect on the amount of money you will make selling on ebay.

    Consider PayPal as a means of accepting payment as a seller. This means consumers can pay you with their credit cards, allowing you instantaneous access to the funds, as opposed to a bank transfer or deposit which can take at least 24 hours to process.

    If for any reason, payment is not received and you must report the buyer, eBay has clear and precise guidelines for doing so. You are also able to re-list the item you are auctioning for reduced listing price, or you are able to offer the item to the second highest bidder. This is also a way of making a second sale off one listing, if you have multiple items of the one product. Making money on eBay selling  can not be easier.

    To trade effectively you need to understand the feedback system, as this will greatly affect the amount of money you make on eBay. You provide and receive feedback on the auction, reporting on a buyer’s swift payment or any difficulties you have had receiving payment. They will review the item and the accuracy of the description of the item, how fast you post it from the time they make payment, and if you have been co-operative and communicative. It also pays to be reasonable with postage charges. Check out any competition you may have and try to beat their prices, even if simply on postage.

    Selling on eBay can make money for even the most unfamiliar with eBay. It is a simple and profitable way to make money from home.



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    November 19, 2007

    How to Develop Your EBay Home Business

    If you are doing eBay home business, you should understand the current trends to maximize your returns on your listings. You should be aware of your expectations from the marketplace and the way to keep up eBay expert buyers. If you are more experienced at eBay, you should have already prepared the plan for the forthcoming quarter. Even while you see the business under control, you should prepare yourself for other unexpected issues and contingencies.  In other words, you should be good at contingency management. You can expect few issues at eBay that may improve or affect your eBay home business.


    First, if you are building your eBay home business you can expect changes in policies or increase in fee structure at either PayPal or eBay anytime. It can be possible as both these websites constantly update for the maximum benefits of the users. Therefore, in order to cover the costs and provide proper support, they may increase the prices. You can also expect the price hike in the postal or courier services along with the shipping charges.


    eBay has actually improved its website & added the facility for the seller to add Skype communication link while listing the product for a better communication between your eBay home business and your customers. This will enhance the two-way communication for buyers, as they can clarify their doubts at the earliest. This will surely improve your business, though it is bit difficult to handle customers sometimes.


    Ebay is spending more than $2.6 to buy Skype for auction service. Its implication and impact can be great for the future eBay entrepreneurs. You can see it here:


    Do some research regarding the products, you would like to list on eBay or you may end up wasting your time and selling nothing. You may conclude that all the ads about the eBay home business are false. You should select an appropriate item and develop your eBay home business.


    You can even expand your business globally, if you are sure that you are selling the hottest product. It is actually a good idea, as there are more two hundred million users at eBay globally. You may also be able to sell few products that are most wanted in other countries only through eBay. While listing your products, you can even add your website. This will also improve your eBay home business.


    You can check out the websites of wholesalers that are eBay certified and eBay Developer’s Program Member, from where you can buy the top selling or hot products for your eBay home business. You should be able to directly work with them. Attend the workshops and trainings they offer their members at different places. You should always keep updated about the products and the ratings to be in competition with other eBay sellers.


    Educate yourself more on eBay tools also to develop your eBay home business.




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    November 16, 2007

    EBay Etailsolution Software For Holding Auctions at eBay

    You can get whatever you want through the auctions in eBay, be it books, jewelry or paintings. It is a kind of online market. You can be an individual or a company you can prosper through auctions on eBay. It gives you a great feeling to earn money through eBay. Moreover, you don’t have any limitations on the number of sales you make through eBay. eBay etailsolution software, the latest auction software has brought a revolution in the way the auctions are held online & particularly on eBay. Its working is totally amazing and symbolizes the latest technology.


    The eBay etailsolution software has been a boon to the eBay sellers, as they will be able to sell more products at the same time & gain lot of money. The manual to do tasks of the sellers at eBay have been automated through this eBay etailsolution software. The entire credit goes to the eBay team for accepting the suggestions from the users & also to the software developers, who have developed this software to ease the work of sellers and make selling on eBay, a wonderful experience.


    The eBay etailsolution software does not stop with automating the sellers’ selling work. It also searches the products’ suppliers to sell. Not only this, it is quite a remarkable tool, as it has many tools for managing the auction. It helps you in creation and listing of ads on eBay regarding your products. You can also get reports on sales and research every month based on your sales at eBay. This helps you in assessing lot of things and it is quite helpful in developing your business.


    Using the eBay etailsolution software’s information, you can understand the market of your product along with the price and marketing tips to be successful at eBay. If you want to process the payments, manage emails, or receive shipping labels’ help, you can opt for an order fulfillment software package that is offered in this software. The best part of this software is that it saves your time & lists lot of items in the auctions weekly.


    When you use the auction software, your auction site gets a look of professionalism, which gets you lot of customers or buyers to it. You can make use of this software to boost your sales and get maximum profits from your auctions. Interesting and good news is you need not be a computer savvy. The basic knowledge of computer is just what you need.


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    November 11, 2007

    How Buying Selling Are Different in Ebay

    The world has changed with eBay or to put this more appropriately, buying eBay selling has changed the world. The title & description of your product play an important role in the buying eBay selling. Your product is not the only criteria that help you prosper at eBay. You should have undergone training on the rewarding lessons of conducting business and rewarding customer service to prosper. There are many programs or affiliate programs of eBay that help you in writing perfect titles for your products to attract and capture the customers’.


    Through buying eBay selling of products, business transactions have reached unimaginable proportions, where millions converge everyday and where all the products have post-purchase guarantees assured through the use of sophisticated eBay computing methods.


    You can even enter the part number or UPC or even ISBN for the item you would like to sell, at eBay. You can opt for multiple product listings of at eBay, wherein you can list at least ten products in the given time. It makes buying eBay selling much easier.  In case, you have more than hundreds of products to list, the multiple product listing option would not work. You can opt for Bulk File Loading, wherein you can use the File Exchange system of eBay to upload your inventory.


    Payment services through PayPal, Bidpay, and, further guarantees trustworthy payments’ mechanisms between the buyers and sellers.


    A quick and easy eBay tutorial will help you become a home-based business mogul through the power of buying eBay selling technology through the limitless opportunities existing on the net. These tutorials will help you learn right from scratch or basics of working of eBay & how to start and develop your business at eBay.


    In case, you are interested in buying, you can also learn to search for the products at eBay along with their price of those products. You have the facility of conducting search on the product and the reputation of the seller.


    If you are interested in buying eBay selling, you can check out and learn more about the fee structure at eBay, the return address to be added on the products that you are sending to the buyer, how to inform your buyer about the status of the shipping, shipping costs, handling complaints regarding the products shipped and so on. You should also know the techniques of tracking the shipping along with insuring the product.


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    November 8, 2007

    Business Ebay Opportunity

    If you are serious about the business eBay opportunity, then it is important to sell something that is not available everywhere. Then, people would come to you. If you would like to be an entrepreneur, then you should be able to analyze the risks involved & still pursue your dream by equipping yourself appropriately. You can also own a drop-off franchise business eBay opportunity with market leaders.

    While many entrepreneurs do the business the conventional way by designing their own website, launching it and selling products through it, you will have lot of benefits by being a franchise to any market leaders of eBay. Here are some of the benefits:

     1.          Power of Purchasing: The amount of purchase you make from the market leader decides the rates that you would be paying the suppliers, for accessing the products and services that are otherwise accessible to big marketers.

     2.          Software Management: You get access to the software used by the market leaders, which helps in coordinating the entire operations of the stores, managing the database, collecting money, tracking the inventory, and coordinating the processing of the checks.

    3.          Construction of the store: You can get their help in setting up the physical store in the similar design to theirs.

    4.          Marketing in the form of advertisement: You can get the services of the advertising & marketing teams of them, thereby your business will get more focus on business eBay opportunity.

    5.          Finance assistance: this is an important point here. If the market leaders you opt to choose are approved by Franchise Registry program, then you can get the loan applications processed at the soonest possible.

    Work still from your house at your flexible hours. You can enjoy the training, coach and support from them, when you join them. You can even expect personalized mentoring on business eBay opportunity, when needed. Everything is possible when you are running your own business.


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